Quality & Functional Testing

Ensuring optimal performance, WCI conducts thorough quality and functional testing to guarantee the quality of LED modules.

Inventory & Delivery

Testing Services

Lighting Testing Expertise

Leveraging our lighting testing expertise, we reverse engineer to pinpoint issues in your lighting setup. Our focus on LED module quality and compatibility ensures superior performance.

Support & Certification

We offer comprehensive support to your product engineering team, providing diverse solutions. Additionally, we facilitate UL/ETA certification for your products.

100% Functional Testing

In addition to the availability of the ICT testing, as a standard procedure, we provide 100% functional testing. This is a key test for most of our LED lighting products.

ICT Testing

This is the most powerful tool for printed circuit board test. ICT is a very comprehensive form of printed circuit board test, ensuring that the circuit has been manufactured correctly and has a very high chance of performing to its specification.

X-Ray Inspection

We are equipped with a state-of-the-art X-Ray machine to inspect the solder joints to some LEDs that require this process. This process is mainly to check the solder joints according to standards.

WCI Dark Room

The WCI dark room is a new addition to WCI, added in 2023, the dark room is able to test full-fixtures up to 4-ft.

UL Testing

Coming soon! We test for safety and performance, using UL parameters, to help lighting manufactures with prototyping for a faster go-to-market process.

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