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With over 30 years of PCB assembly services, World Class Illumination delivers top quality architectural lighting solutions for LED lighting manufacturers. 

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Why WCI?

Experts in LED Lighting

Fast Lead Times

Rapid prototyping with samples in 2-3 weeks, production starts in 1-2 weeks after approval

Custom Solutions

Leading edge custom LED module solutions for your most ambitious lighting projects

Diverse Offerings

2000+ LED module designs available for your existing fixtures or new product developments

Expert Engineers

UL-compliant modules designed to spec by our highly experienced engineering team

Create Your Own

Custom LED Modules

Our skilled engineers design custom PCB layouts and generate Gerber files, delivering samples within 2-3 weeks post LED module design approval. Customize your boards with laser-marked branding, date codes, QR codes, and serial numbers for seamless inventory management. Reach out to craft high-efficiency modules for architectural, residential, office, or retail projects.

Markets Served

Veratile Projects

From streetlights to high-end fixtures, WCI can make a multitude of high-efficiency lights for various applications that range from architectural, residential, office, or retail projects. Not to mention, our customer’s lights exist in top chains, hotels, and buildings all over America, especially the west coast.  

Services Offered

Lumeneering by WCI™



Supports many OEMS and leading lighting companies with multiple services.



Designs and certified LED modules to fit and function flawlessly in fixtures.



Ensures higher performance LED modules through quality and functional testing


Inventory & Delivery

Guarantees accurate stock for orders of any size and overnight delivery

Transform your space with our LED solutions

Discover the perfect lighting solution for your needs.

Continuing to improve and deliver a level of quality that meets and exceeds our customers expectations for over 30 years.

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