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Welcome to World Class Illumination Inc (WCI), the go-to partner for high-end architectural lighting solutions and lighting manufactures for over 30 years. We specialize in crafting state-of-the-art custom LED modules that bring your most ambitious lighting projects to life. WCI has over 2000 LED module designs that can fit into existing lighting fixtures or new product developments. With our team of highly experienced engineers and 4 SMT lines, WCI is your partner for local manufacturing of UL-compliant LED modules.

Lumeneering by WCI

Crafting light, one module at a time. Our engineers are experts in lighting design and illumination. WCI engineers are trained to diagnose any problem and match it with lighting solutions. Not to mention, we are able to reverse engineer existing systems and create better alternatives. Our services include custom prototyping, consulting, production, and inventory management. We can turn your visions into prototypes and samples, ready for you in 2-3 weeks, a faster lead-time than competitors due to our in-house capabilities and full-time engineering team. 

Lumeneering™is a methodology that combines the principles of light, such as lumens, and engineering to create elevated solutions. Illuminate brighter and more efficiently with WCI.

Experts in Lighting

Create Your Own Custom Board

WCI has designed and manufactured more than 2000 custom configurations of LED module boards, including proprietary LED module boards for select clients. Reach out to us to create a high-efficiency LED module to fit into custom lighting projects, including architectural, residential, office, and store lighting to achieve the look and feel you need to wow. We are ready with our WCI custom solutions to create proprietary boards laser marked with your company name on it and efficiently categorized to include serial numbers for inventory. 

Discover the Power of WCI LED Modules

WCI high-powered LED modules promise unparalleled efficiency for long-lasting light fixtures. Elevate your current lighting products with WCI LED modules and solutions, using industry-standard LED chips from Samsung, Nichia, Cree, and more. We have many standard modules in stock and ready to be shipped to you in large quantities. For more information please see our product catalogue for the various shapes and sizes you need. 

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