Inventory & Delivery

Our inventory program ensures accurate forecasting and overnight delivery for any order size, preventing missed opportunities. We’re dedicated to on-time delivery, every time.

Inventory & Delivery

World Class Approach

Overnight Shipping

Overnight shipping available for LED modules, delivered within 24-48 hours after confirmation of quote and receipt of purchase order. Customized delivery schedules can be arranged.

Carefully Packaged

LED modules packaged with anti-static foam to protect from damage or warping. This process ensures problem-free and meticulous care of our electronics for seamless delivery every time.

Hand Delivery Service

We provide free shipping to high-volume customers and offer free hand-delivery to lighting companies in California.

Sustainable Shipping

Additionally, we offer palletization services and recycle packaging materials, showcasing our dedication to sustainability and environmental responsibility.


Streamlined, Stocked and Cost Effective

We’ve designed an inventory program to streamline your operations and support your production needs up to 6 months in advance. Whether you use a Min/Max or Kanban system, our flexible program offers negotiable Net-payment terms to suit your requirements.


Inventory Program

Raw Material Stock

Once the blanket PO is paid, we create a 4-6 month forecast to stock the specific components needed.

Rolling Forecast

We adapt to fluctuating needs. Just give us a 4-6 month purchase order, and we’ll take care of the rest.

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