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WCI, Inc. offers diverse lighting solutions for multiple industries, including architecture, indoor, and commercial lighting. With our expert team and decades of experience, we efficiently transform customer ideas into high-efficiency products. 

Technology Solution

AC Direct

AC direct LED modules operate directly from an AC power source, eliminating the need for an external driver or AC-DC power source. Simpler solution for general lighting with 120VAC direct input. These modules can be used for quick and easy replacements of your existing light sources. Suitable for residential, commercial, and industrial lighting, etc.

Technology Solution

Chip Scale​

Chip-scale LED modules are a great way to achieve high density LED placement in a compact design. These modules are more cost effective and have efficient heat transfer. Their compact size enables bright, uniform illumination with viewing angle of up to 180° and suitable for applications like downlights, backlight, and spotlights, etc.

Technology Solution

Conformal Coating​​

Conformal coating protects LED modules from environmental factors like moisture, dust, chemicals contamination, and temperature fluctuations. Essential for outdoor and horticultural lighting, it enhances waterproofing, seals, and protects the LED boards from external factors mentioned above, also reduces electrical failures, and extends LED board lifespan. It also improves thermal stability by adding insulation.

Technology Solution

Cuttable Aluminum​​

Pre-cut aluminum LED modules offer easy assembly, with designated cut points for custom lengths, providing precise customization for various lighting needs. Popular for residential, commercial, and architectural projects, they provide versatility, energy efficiency, and easy installation.

Technology Solution

Direct Touch Technology by WCI​​

WCI offers Direct Touch Technology option which reduces LED temperatures by up to 15 degrees Celsius using this heat sink system. Thermal areas on LED modules are directly connected to aluminum body, it ensures efficient heat transfer, preventing overheating. With a thermal conductivity of approximately 400W/mK, it significantly improves LED cooling efficiency, enhancing performance and longevity, particularly in high-power LED module applications.

Technology Solution

Driver-On-Board (DOB) LED Integration​​

The DOB solution integrates the LED driver onto the PCB, which has outputs that are matched to the electrical characteristics of the LED (s). This helps avoid thermal runaway as the constant current LED driver compensates for the changes in the forward
voltage while delivering a constant current to the LED. At WCI, we prioritize cost-saving integrated systems, tailoring solutions to project needs. DOB LED modules suit various lighting applications.

Technology Solution


Flex PCB, also known as tape lights, are very thin LED strips with adhesive tape on the back and can be cut easily at the indicated marks on the strip. Making them
customizable for various projects. These Flex LED strips can be used in many applications such as residential use, commercial use, custom-built furniture, DIY projects, etc.

Technology Solution

RGBW Technology​​

RGBW LED Boards, with 4 different color channels provide a wide color range. They enhance color rendering, especially for whites and pastels, with improved CRI values. Dynamic lighting effects like color fading, chasing, strobing, and cycling can be achieved via suitable drivers and controllers.

Technology Solution

Retrofit LED Module​

Retrofit LED modules seamlessly replace traditional light sources in existing fixtures without extensive modifications. Complete retrofit solutions include optics, heat sinks, and attached LED modules, fitting into the same sockets or fixtures. WCI offers services to design layouts which are completely customizable to meet the customer’s requirements.

Technology Solution

Dual Color /Tunable White

Dual-color LED module boards generate two distinct colors by integrating two different LED chips. Each chip emits a specific color, with independently adjustable intensities, allowing customizable lighting effects and color combinations. Tunable white LED technology allows users to adjust both the color temperature and
brightness of lighting fixtures with suitable LED drivers, creating various ambience.

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