Standard LED Modules

WCI produces a diverse range of LED modules, all proudly manufactured in the USA and delivered with swift lead times.


Linear LED Modules

Designed for linear lighting applications, such as high bay, troffer, and general illumination for architectural, commercial, and residential products.


Curve LED Modules

Designed for curved applications and designs, such as pendant, decorative, architectural, and general illumination.


Ring & Round LED Modules

Designed for round applications, such as ring lights, pendant lights, outdoor and round products.


Square LED Modules

Designed for square applications, such as outdoor lighting, street lighting, and canopy lighting.


Star LED Modules

Designed for small applications like pendants, sconces, or architectural fixtures.


Flex LED Modules

Designed for applications that need the LED module to be able to bend, such as residential, under-cabinet, and accent lighting, that require tape lights or cuttable solutions.

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