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The Process of Manufacturing
Custom LED Modules

WCI has designed and manufactured more than 2000+ custom LED module configurations.

If your company is looking to differentiate itself in the marketplace and create a specific and new design, this is our recommended option.

Custom LED Modules

Prototyping with WCI


Our engineering team uses the latest technology software to assist our customers with their PCB design and layout, upon request. The design process may vary as quick as 2 business days up to 2 weeks based on the project complexity.

WCI’s team has extensive knowledge and expertise in LED lighting industry and the technologies for over 20 years specifically in light engineering.


Our engineering team can help you with the design and layout of your LED modules in just a few days. Once you approve the layout, we can get you samples in 2 – 3 weeks, including the PCB fabrication (assuming the components are available for the bill of material).



Once samples are approved our production process begins after placing a blank PO with us, we can move forward with manufacturing USA-made modules. Our in-house capabilities of 4 SMT lines make us a standout in the marketplace for the fastest lead-time of 24-48 hour delivery of custom LED modules. We have 3-shift capabilities for overtime work on manufacturing, testing, assembly, and packing of LED modules for your lighting fixtures, ready for delivery.


WCI’s laser marking machines are able to add company name, logo, serial numbers, QR codes, and various information on the LED module for the purposes of inventory, trademarking, and protecting your companies design. Depending on what the customer needs, WCI can suggest necessary information to be placed on the module per the necessary requirements of the company or architectural project.  

Components to Customize


The heart of any LED module is its chip, and ours are the best name-brand LED chips, engineered for excellence.


WCI LED modules set the benchmark representing the most vivid, natural colors for your designs. With a Color Rendering Index (CRI) to ensure that the colors within your architectural spaces are rendered with accuracy.


Our RGBW (Red, Green, Blue, White) LED modules include an array of colors to program on various module shapes and sizes, rigid and flex boards.


Our solutions ensure your LED light fixtures have the correct output for any of your applications, i.e. variable, constant current, or high current.


We have a variety of LED module shapes (linear, curve, round, ring, square, star, rectangle, flexible). 


From small to large, we can produce all the way up to 5ft linear. Our most popular size ranges are 12 inch, 22 inch, and 44 inch.

Need Help Creating Custom LED Modules?