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At WCI, our mission is to assist our customers in illuminating the best and most prestigious name-brands with excellence in lighting technology. Our LED modules are in millions of light fixtures across the USA in interior and exterior architectural lighting designs and products. 



Transportation & Street Lighting

We can aid you in illuminating transportation areas, such as airports, subways and train stations, as well as street lighting, using WCI LED modules. Our modules can be found in best-in-class fixtures with current clients' work at the Chicago Subway Station and San Francisco Airport. Let us know about your next project. We are ready to optimize specs for any project and produce custom solutions for you.

Residential & Boutique

Bring warmth and energy with WCI LED modules in your elite fixtures for residential, hotel, and sophisticated restaurant applications. You can find our LED modules at the MGM hotel chains and several hotels along the Las Vegas strip. Additionally, we have custom modules for unique fixtures in multi-million dollar homes or in standard products such as home vanities and illuminated cabinet systems.

Stores & Displays

Create captivating shopping experiences with our LED boards for stores and displays. Tailored for brilliance and versatility, our solutions turn retail spaces into inviting showcases. Using our LED modules our clients' fixtures are some of the best in the world, found in high-end luxury stores and name-brands around the world including, Microsoft stores, Cartier, and Gucci.

high warehouse - indoor LED lighting

Warehouse & Horticultural

WCI has helped design and supply LED modules for warehouse and horticultural lighting fixtures. Do you have a low-bay or UFO high-bay fixture? We can enhance the lux capabilities, create better driver results, fix over-heating, and offer more solutions to reach your desired performance and output. You can find WCI modules in many indoor horticultural grows in California, as well as, numerous warehouse spaces across the US.

Downtown Los Angeles skyline at night

Exterior Lighting

Elevate outdoor spaces with our LED modules in your exterior and outdoor fixture lights. Our solutions keep exteriors well-lit for architectural brilliance, while reducing light pollution and harmful blue light waves to honor circadian lighting principles. We care about the light landscapes of the world and are ready to help fix or amplify your ready-made fixtures. Exterior lighting projects include DTLA staples, such as the US Tower Band with iconic restaurant 71Above, and Los Angeles Convention Center.

Series of workstations on an office floor

Workplaces & Commercial Buildings

Enhance productivity and well-being with dynamic lighting solutions using WCI modules in your pre-existing fixtures or new product developments. WCI can assist in developing a custom LED module, create a retrofit solution, or place on of our standard boards in your current system. WCI LED modules are in fixtures in state-of-the-art facilities for top technology companies, such as Google and Apple.

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Our Testimonials:
Here are a few testimonials and reviews from WCI customers - We're sure you will feel the same way once we work with you.

WCI is not a 5-star company, it's a 10-star company. They have gone above and beyond our expectations, meeting every delivery on time with accuracy.

Paul, Head of Engineering

The quick turn-around time and inventory forecasting is a huge plus. We always meet our projected tight deadlines and have won over clients because of this. I highly recommend WCI.

Edward, CEO & Founder

We toured the WCI manufacturing facility and it is very clean, professional and welcoming. Great service and helpful engineers, who are a local resource to us.

Cindy, Purchaser