Custom LED Modules | WCI – Los Angeles

Production Services

Layout & Design Prototyping with Lumeneering by WCI™

WCI engineers are pros at the prototyping, design, and certification compliance for LED modules that fit perfectly and work properly in lighting fixtures. Prototype samples can be delivered in as quickly as 2 weeks depending on project complexity and the BOM.


Our engineering team can assist with the design and layout of your new LED modules in just a few days. We call this process, Lumeneering by WCI™, our speciality service that includes free consulting to achieve the most efficient layout for your LED modules.  Once the  layout is approved, we can get samples to you typically  in 2 – 3 weeks.


From the layout we send the design to our PCBA partner. We then begin the process of manufacturing the LED module samples in-house with our SMT machines. Once the samples are made, WCI engineers test and analyze the performance, after which we go over the results with you for approval or any further iterations.


After sending the samples to you and obtaining approvals, we move forward to the production phase with a blanket PO. Additional services include getting UL certification for your new or updated light fixtures and being your one-stop-shop for prototyping, UL testing, assembly and production.


WCI is a contract manufacturer servicing many OEMs and leading lighting companies with services pertaining to LED lighting including: production, assembly, and extensive testing for safety and quality.


  • 4 Fully Automated SMT lines, with 4 Solder Printers, and 4 Brand New Reflow Ovens
  • 6 Super High-Speed Pick and Place Machines
  • Up to 5ft+ LED Module Manufacturing 
  • With new machines added up to 200,000+ component placement capability per hour


  • 25,000 SQF Facility in Newbury Park, CA Made in USA manufacturing 
  • ISO 90001 Certification
  • Class 3 Designation
  • Three Shift capacity
  • ESD Controlled Manufacturing
  • Contract Manufacturer for OEMs

Engineering Team:

  • 4 Full-Time Engineers specialized in Electronic and Mechanical Engineering
  • 25+ Full-time Assembly Employees
  • 5 Testing Technicians 
  • Min-Max Model
  • JIT Performance 

Supply Chain Excellence:

We partner with leading LED chip manufacturers to bring you top-notch components at unbeatable prices. And we do it all without added costs, even when expedited.

Lightning-Fast Lead Times:

How fast are we? Thanks to our recent equipment upgrades, we can place 200K LEDs per hour. So when we say “fast,” we mean it.

Leading-Edge Equipment:

Solder Paste Printers: Ensuring impeccable soldering quality. Pick and Place Machines: Our crown jewel, ideal for high-speed, high-precision component placement.

Manufacturing and Assembly Services

Electrical & Mechanical Prototype & Production:
Your vision, brought to life.

Cable & Harness Assembly:
Custom solutions for unique challenges.

Printed Circuit Board Assembly:
Precision and reliability in every board.

Turnkey & Consignment:
From start to finish, we’ve got you covered.

SMT, Thru-Hole, BGA, Press Fit:
Broad capabilities to meet diverse needs.

Global Order Fulfillment:
Your product, wherever you need it.

Testing Services: UL, Functional, X-Ray, ICT, Dark Room

Testing for higher performance, WCI ensures quality LED modules through quality and functional testing. WCI is able to reverse engineer to discover any issues with your current lighting through our expertise in lighting testing. The quality of LED modules and compatibility with other components in the light are important for longer lifespan and higher performance. We are happy to walk you through numerous options and solutions to support your product engineering team. Additionally we are able to get UL/ETA certification for your products.

100% Functional Testing

In addition to the availability of the ICT testing, as a standard procedure, we provide 100% functional testing. This is a key test for most of our LED lighting products.

ICT Testing

This is the most powerful tool for printed circuit board test. ICT is a very comprehensive form of printed circuit board test, ensuring that the circuit has been manufactured correctly and has a very high chance of performing to its specification.

X-Ray Inspection

We are equipped with a state-of-the-art X-Ray machine to inspect the solder joints to some LEDs that require this process. This process is mainly to check the solder joints according to standards.

WCI Dark Room

The WCI dark room is a new addition to WCI, added in 2023, the dark room is able to test full-fixtures up to 4-ft.  

World Class Inventory & Delivery℠

WCI's inventory and delivery program ensures accurate forecasting of inventory for customers' orders, no matter the size, and overnight delivery for no missed opportunities or projects. We are committed to delivering orders on time, every time.

24-48 Hour Overnight Shipping:

Overnight shipping for 24-48 delivery of LED modules available after quote and PO is confirmed and received. A schedule can be set up for weekly or monthly delivery per your company's needs.

Carefully Packaged:

WCI packages LED modules with anti-static foam to keep products from any damage or warping. This process ensures problem-free and meticulous care of our electronics for seamless delivery every time.

White-glove Delivery Service:

We offer free shipping to our high volume customers. Free Hand-delivery for California lighting companies. Not to mention,​ we can palletize orders and recycle packaging material to reuse, reinforcing our commitment to sustainability and our environment.

WCI Delivery Truck

WCI Inventory Forecasting

WCI Inventory Warehouse

WCI Inventory: Streamlined, Stocked, and Cost-Effective

At WCI, we’ve crafted an inventory program to simplify your process and be your partner in production with planning up to 6 months in advance. Whether you operate on a Min/Max or Kanban system, our program is flexible enough to accommodate your needs with negotiable Net-payment terms.

WCI Stocked Components

WCI Stockroom

Raw Material Stock: Once the blanket PO is paid, WCI creates a 4-6 month forecast to stock the specific components that will be needed. 

Rolling Forecast: We are able to accommodate companies with fluctuating needs. Provide a 4-6 month purchase order, and we will handle the rest.