The company started with a one-man operation, fixing computers in a small office in the San Fernando Valley. Though it started many years before that with a young boy, working at his family restaurant, from sun-up to sun-down. The values of hard work and efficiency were ingrained in the essence of who he is and everything he does.


Today, he is known as Mr. Ali, the founder and CEO of WCE (World Class Electronics) and WCI (World Class Illumination).






What started as an entrepreneurial pursuit, became a business of 30+ years. A business that has grown and adapted to the everchanging needs of technology and innovation. What keeps Mr. Ali going, is the satisfaction of providing his clients the highest quality products, the fastest lead time, and impeccable customer service.

He understands the risk you take by adding a new supplier to your supply chain or switching suppliers all together. It is a risk he takes, as well. He chooses projects in which both companies become partners, bringing together unique problem-solving skills and an efficiency-saving mindset that saves energy and product costs in the long run.

Mr. Ali and his team become an extension of your company, creating a high-trust relationship where both you and WCI can deliver solutions, savings, and profits. WCI takes pride in its history of success and outstanding reputation.